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Helping Others Achieve Growth 

Providing access to Local City, County, State Governments.

Electronic Casefile Software

You bring the wisdom and experience.
We bring the technology and innovation. Together we advance justice.

Bed Check Software

Mobile cell check solutions capturing defensible data. Automate security checks and cell checks with unrivaled power, speed, and precision.

Inmate Communication Systems

Communication Services to the Correctional Industry and supports the efforts of Law Enforcement.

Direct Commissary

Friends and family can choose to make an online merchandise purchase or an online deposit to an offender’s inmate trust fund account.

Medical Facility Staffing

Local, state, and federal correctional facilities nationwide have unique healthcare needs.  and treatment.

Body Scanner Machines 

Within a matter of seconds, any hidden item imaginable will be revealed and no contraband will ever escape your attention.

Off Duty Management

Services are comprehensive, customizable and include 24/7 customer support, managing inbound service requests, scheduling, time & attendance, payroll and invoicing

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Working the last 30 years in business development and sales focusing on Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico has provided the ability to meet and interact with elected officials and employees from all levels of government. As a result, long-lasting relationships with decision-makers and influencers from local, city, state, and federal governments have been established. My value is the ability to leverage these relationships to generate opportunities focusing on business process technology solutions that streamline and improve everyday business needs for members of the justice and public safety community.


Having built a foundation of trust from both clients and decision-makers, doors are opened, meetings are taken and opportunities are confirmed at key government agencies. The value of knowing what an agency is looking to acquire, backed by realistic budget appropriations and factors decision-makers consider when evaluating a solution is invaluable. Acquiring this knowledge, crafting a winning strategy, and leveraging long-standing relationships to achieve success are the advantages I bring to your team.



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