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Electronic Casefile Software

Electronic Casefile Software

The ability to run accounting, case processing, calendaring, identity handling, and document management all in one place, you have a 360-degree view of your caseload.


Premier court management software is specifically configured for your laws, rules, policies, procedures, reporting, and agency exchanges

Customized solution for your court that automates your operations without excess features that get in the way of efficient business processes.

Inmate Communication Systems

Inmate Communication Systems

Inmate Video Visits

  • Many facilities only allow video visits with detainees. Schedule a visit ahead of time to make sure the detainee is available.

Inmate Messaging

  • Communicate with a detainee using our messaging platform (at participating facilities).

Bed Check Software

Inmate Monitoring Software

Mobile cell check solutions capturing defensible data. Automate security checks and cell checks with unrivaled power, speed, and precision.

Medical Facility Staffing

Correctional Health Provider

Services available to our clients:

  • Physician coverage/oversight

  • 24/7 emergency services;

  • Flexible nursing coverage;

  • Mental Health Professionals and Psychiatric coverage;

  • Onsite Dental Services;

  • Onsite Specialty Provider coverage;

  • Onsite Pharmacy Management- including utilization reviews

  • Telehealth Services;

  • Tele-Psych Services;

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR);

  • Offsite Claims Management/Review;

  • Accreditation/Inspection Preparation; and/or

  • General Consulting Services


Commissary Services

Commissary by phone system eliminates all the time spent handing out order forms, picking them up, aligning sheets, and fixing mistakes. Inmates are accountable for their commissary orders. Even better, since the inmates place orders through the existing inmate telephone system, there are no expensive pod kiosks to purchase.

  • Effortless for Officers

  • Eliminates Inmate Balance Questions

  • Reads Inmate Deposit and Billing History

  • Removes Ordering Confusion

Body Scanner Machines 

Body Scanner Systems 

If you’re looking for the best solution to take your facility’s security to the next level, this body scanner machine is the answer. Within a matter of seconds, any hidden item imaginable will be revealed and no contraband will ever escape your attention.

  •  The highest image quality, the best detection

  •  Advanced image optimization

  •  Insights and intelligence through data collection

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Off Duty Management

  • No cost solution that assists law enforcement agencies in the administration and execution of their off duty program and assignments.

  • We operate the widest range of agencies in the industry and offer more full-service comprehensive solutions than all other competitors combined.

  • Our services are comprehensive, customizable and include 24/7 customer support, managing inbound service requests, scheduling, time & attendance, payroll and invoicing

Road & Speed
Enforcement Products

Road safety by reducing speeds and red light violations and automatically recording license plates on passing cars. 

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